A percentage of the proceeds of sales from Lost & Found  will go towards Families For All, Inc. for Foster and Adoptive youth scholarships and resources.


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Abuse, incarceration, addiction, neglect, drug abuse. Every year, for these reasons and numerous others, hundreds of thousands of children enter the American foster care system. Surrendered by their birth families to the care of a vast and sometimes ill-equipped state system, these children embark on a journey that is often fraught with heartbreak, struggle, and dangers of its own—and that may or may not ever lead them home.

In 1997, Jacari Harris became one of these children. Fate landed him in the home of a loving and supportive foster mother who ultimately adopted him. Even so, it would take many more years for Jacari to understand that he was more than a statistic. Battling the feelings of insignificance and abandonment that commonly plague adopted children – and the behavioral challenges these feelings often cause – Jacari could have let his affliction determine his destiny. Instead, through hard work, determination, and a growing relationship with God, he found his identity and began realizing his dreams.

Lost and Found shows how it’s possible to overcome a rough beginning in life and endure a tough journey to find success and become an inspiration to others.