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Jacari W. Harris

JACARI HARRIS, a native of Tallahassee, Florida, is an author, life coach, and motivational speaker,whose global platform has reached nearly 10 million people. From a depressed foster youth who battled the feelings of insignificance and abandonment with continuous behavioral problems, Jacari could have allowed his affliction to determine his destiny.  Jacari’s determination and faith in God has inspired many people worldwide and helped countless audiences to live unapologetically in their purpose while embracing limits, and experiencing abundance in every area of life.

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Jacari's Story

Jacari’s story is proof that tragedies can position a person for a purposeful life. He knows firsthand how to cope with adversity and overcome hardship. Today, supporters worldwide revere Jacari for his one-of-a-kind coaching of how to embrace your limits, and prepare you for your next dimension while living an unapologetically life.


Jacari earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Bethune-Cookman University, his MBA and MA from Florida International University. While at Bethune-Cookman, Jacari was the Student Body President and completed a study abroad in Senegal, West Africa. 


In addition, Jacari is the founder of Stimulating Success. Its mission is to help clients develop the skills, motivation and accountability required to succeed in their personal lives and in their business.


Jacari is a dynamic speaker with an extraordinary story and unwavering commitment of impacting the hearts and souls of anyone that he meets. Jacari has transformed his life from battling feelings of insignificance and abandonment to a motivational entrepreneur, and he has dedicated his life to show how it’s possible to overcome a rough beginning in life and endure a tough journey to find success and become an inspiration to others.

Jacari lives and works in downtown Houston, Texas, or somewhere around the world, as he loves traveling.

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